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Dehumanizer Black Sabbath

More than a decade after they'd played together on Black Sabbath's MOB RULES, vocalist Ronnie James Dio, bassist Geezer Butler and drummer Vinny Appice rejoined guitarist Tony Iommi for DEHUMANIZER. “We wanted it to be real rock 'n' roll: real basic,” noted Dio of the 1992 Reprise collection. “We wanted to capture what we are live and that's really what I think we did.” While a few tracks include Geoff Nicholls on keyboards, overall this is among Sabbath's heaviest albums, with thundering riffs and rhythms driving attacks on blind faith in technology (“Computer God”), televangelists (“TV Crimes”), the afterlife (“After All (The Dead)”) and more. The underrated DEHUMANIZER brought the band back to the Top 40 in England and nearly did so in America, and still delivers the goods for any metal fan.

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